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Warn Takeaway Food, Better monitor lower childhood obesity rates

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In adults, regular consumption of foods with obesity disease, coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes are higher. But few know how the impact on child health. "Therefore, we want to see a lot of food affected by the children they bring home and how the impact," he explained.

Data from Child and Health studies in the UK are awakened risk factors for heart disease and diabetes in pre-retention. Participants are about 2,000 children aged 9 years and 10 years in 85 elementary schools in three cities namely London, Birmingham and Leicester.

Children answer questions about their daily diet, including frequent meals purchased from restaurants or fast food outlets. Common food photos are also provided to help children remember and also portion sizes.

A quarter quarter of children say they never or do not consume takeaway food and nearly half say less than what in a week. More than a quarter said they are this food once a week.

Boys often become consumers of takeaway food with girls. The research team used a dietary response of children to calculate the number of calories and nutrient intake. Among consumers of takeaway food, the food is eaten higher in calories and fat. While the intake of protein, starch, vitamin C, iron, calcium and folate is lower with children who do not consume this food.

Researchers are also height, weight, waist circumference, skin fold thickness and body fat composition. In addition, they also measure blood pressure and take blood samples for cholesterol levels. There is no difference in blood pressure, it will be a skin fold curvature, fatty body and fatty composition such as high LDL in consumers who often bring their food home.

"Children eating more takeaway foods have total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol as well as high body fat," Donin said.

"Many people ordering this takeaway buy fast food that is high in sodium, fat and calories," says Sandra Arevalo, a nutritionist from New York.

According to him, fast food also has low nutrition. This means vitamins, minerals, fiber and low protein. Arevalo parents who need extra food, first-time recipes to order salads, vegetables, brown rice or more healthy toast for children

For example, hummus, carrots and biscuits for lunch or a tuna or turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato. Eggs are an excellent source of protein and can be combined with spinach, tomatoes and toast.

Research in the UK says that the food takeaway can have a negative impact. This can lead to the risk of being overweight. How come?

Takeaway often with fast food or fast food. Surely this food is very high and also minimal vitamins and fiber. In a study conducted on children aged 9 and 10 years, children in this age most often fast food consumption.

"Takeaway food intake often increases the risk of coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes in the future by increasing their LDL cholesterol and body fat," lead author Angela Donin told Reuters.

"The takeaway booth increased more than half of teenagers eating fast food takes two weeks," says Donin, a researcher at St. John's. George's, University of London.
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  1. nice tips for mychild

  2. fast food is time saving but yes not good for your health totally :)

  3. Sisca elizaJanuary 17, 2018

    sure bad for ur health,,
    keep warn on family!