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Viral News: "outbreaks lethal romaine lettuce is happening in America and Canada"

lethal romaine lettuce is happening in America and Canada
Forty people in five provinces have now been diagnosed with E. coli infections, which is believed to be linked to the consumption of romaine lettuce, says the Public Health Agency of Canada. © img credit:
Here are a variety of types of lettuce "indonesia" or lettuce "foreign" inspired when viewing "viral news outbreaks lethal romaine lettuce is happening in America and Canada". And confused really many types of lettuce. Lettuce or lettuce can now be found in traditional markets or supermarkets, can even be cultivated in Indonesia. But the origin of lettuce is actually from the Eastern Mediterranean and West Asia. Much consumed by the Romans and Greeks because it is believed to have efficacy in medicine, they know it by romaine name. Let us review the type of lettuce. sau tau could be our business view or hobby in vegetables and agriculture ..

Lettuce has several varieties or types with different shapes, some types of lettuce, among others: head lettuce, butterhead lettuce, leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce and celtuce. Each type of lettuce has its own characteristics such as head lettuce that has a head-shaped shape, leaf lettuce with a striking leaf shape, one of which is a popular local lettuce in the market with a lettuce name. Giving the name of lettuce may be because this vegetable is usually served as a salad.

1. Lollo verde
In Indonesia, also known as curly lettuce. It has a sleek leaf with a wavy end. The leaves are soft, white. Usually curly lettuce leaves are light green to light yellow. The taste is neutral, suitable combined with a variety of dressings.

2. Lollo Rosso
Be in the same category with curly lettuce. The difference, this type of leaves are reddish edges. The texture is soft, but still crunchy. Believed to contain high quercetin antioxidants. Often used as a mixture in mesclun.

3. Iceberg lettuce (Head lettuce)
Often called a bowl of lettuce. Is a type of lettuce with a large hump with a dense layered leaf sheet. The texture is crisp with fresh flavor. In some European countries, this type of lettuce can only be found in summer. Once harvested, lettuce should be consumed immediately because the endurance is only about 24 hours.

4. Cos / Romaine lettuce
Marketed under the same name here. Originally from Kos Island in Greece. The leaves are wide green with an elongated oval shape. Become the foundation for the production of a famous caesar salad. a glimpse of a white mustard. Romaine lettuce or better known cos is the most popular lettuce in the form of salad dishes.

Quoted from Foodbeast (9/1), reports Consumer Reports found out that romaine lettuce outbreak has infected 58 people in 13 states of America and Canada. Affected states include California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Vermont and Washington

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported of 58 sick people in the region, 5 were forced to be hospitalized and 1 person died. The latest report from the Food Safety News even reveals another case of romaine lettuce-related deaths in Canada. Food safety experts advise while not eating this green vegetable.

Currently the FDA and CDC are still investigating the epidemic of romaine lettuce. But the Canadian health agency has identified that the bacteria E. Coli 0157: H7 is the cause of the consumption of romaine lettuce so deadly.

This bacterium can cause Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome. Worse still can lead to serious illnesses such as kidney failure and even death.

The CDC researchers have matched genetically the E. coli found in romaine lettuce in the United States with bacteria causing the same outbreak in Canada. The result turned out to be the same. Therefore they asked that the temporary community not consume romaine lettuce.

James Rogers as director of research and food safety Consumer Reports recommends that consumers be more careful. "Although we can not yet confirm 100% that romaine lettuce is the cause of E. coli outbreak in America, we should be more careful considering romaine lettuce is almost always consumed raw," he said.

Meanwhile, Consumer Reports says nowadays everyone should assume that all romaine lettuce pose a risk to E. coli until this outbreak is really handled. They also recommend not eating romaine lettuce, including those in the fridge or in salads.

Romaine lettuce or cos lettuce is often used on vegetable salads because the texture is fresh crispy with a sweet taste. The size of the leaves is wide with dark green and young.

In terms of nutrition, romaine lettuce is actually a good source of fiber, manganese, potassium, vitamin B1 and vitamin C. This type of lettuce also contains vitamin B2, omega 3 fatty acids and calcium

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