Sunday, January 7, 2018

This smart suitcase uses Segway Technology to balance itself and follows you around

© img 90Fun
A Chinese company, 90Fun, created a smart suitcase called Puppy 1. As the name implies, this suitcase can move to follow the owner like a puppy.

The suitcase is equipped with a pair of wheels that can move freely. In addition, Puppy 1 has a special sensor that allows it to follow the owner at a certain distance. Not to forget, the creator company Puppy 1 also equips the smart suitcase with a remote caller.

Puppy 1 is also equipped with automatic balancing technology from the two-wheeled electric Segway, which is a 90Fun partner. Therefore this suitcase can still run with a balanced even though only has two wheels.

With a size of 20 inches, Puppy 1 has a room large enough to store goods. There is also a handle provided to pull the suitcase manually.

Puppy 1 has been marketed and managed to gain popularity in China. Based on information compiled KompasTekno from Digital Trends, Sunday (7/1/2018), in a shopping event, this suitcase managed to sell as many as 160,000 units within 24 hours.
© img 90Fun

90Fun CEO, Miao Liu, is targeting Puppy 1 to start entering the US market this year. Puppy 1 is planned to be showcased in CES 2018 which takes place in the city of Las Vegas next week.

Really a smart suitcase that? So? Are you interested in buying this suitcase? goo grab fast !! hehe...
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