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Ten Technology ends in 2017 (must see)

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We know that year 2017 has incised some history in the development of technology, especially gadgets and software. Although some new technologies are introduced, but some are shut down.

The reasons vary.... Either because the technology is already irrelevant, or lonely enthusiasts, etc..

Ten Technology ends in 2017

Windows Phone

The first mobile phone series developed by technology giant, Microsoft began its production range in October 2017. This announcement is notified directly by Joe Belfiore, Vice President of Windows 10 in his official Twitter account.

At that time, Belfiore stated that Microsoft stopped developing Windows phones. The reason, developers do not support platforms on windows phones. Most of them focus on developing iOS and Android apps that do have a lot of users.

However, Microsoft will continue to support the Windows Phone operating system by fixing bugs and security updates.

Microsoft Kinect

At the beginning of its emergence, Microsoft Kinect offers an experience never done by the gaming industry. How not, this machine is able to integrate game console with camera sensor.

 But unfortunately, this software must be shut down by Microsoft in the seventh year after it was introduced to the public. The lack of games that utilize this technology is the reason why this console must die young.

Even so, Microsoft Kinect has incised history in the gaming universe. In 2011, Microsoft Kinect installed through the Xbox 360 console machine broke the fastest selling record.

On the first day of release, 1 million units of Xbox 360 were sold within 24 hours of wakut time. For additional information, this record is also listed in the world record books.


The fate of 3D-tech TV (3D) should end in 2017. The reason, penjulan television type is declining from time to time. Although at that time 3D television manufacturers have installed a relatively cheap price.

3D TV itself was actually popular in 2010. At that time, the movie "Avatar" was the topic of conversation. As a result, people's interest to adopt 3D TV is high.

iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano

Two of Apple's ever popular music player products, iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano were dismissed in 2017. Not only that, some sources even mention that Apple pulls both types of products out of the market.

The reason, Apple will simplify its line of music player in one product, the iPod Touch.

Naturally, if both devices are withdrawn from the market. Because, iPod shuffle and iPod Nano is not equipped with the ability to access the internet so difficult to update.

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)

After 20 years of popularity among internet users, this popular chat service in America should stop operating at the end of 2017, precisely on December 15th.

The proliferation of messaging apps on smartphones is the reason why AIM should stop operating. Because, in recent time, AIM users have decreased.

It only has about 10 million users. While other new applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have users up to one billion.

Google Tango

In December of 2017, Google announced that its augmented reality (AR) project for its smartphone, Project Tango will stop operating. Instead, Google will focus on other projects that share the same theme of ARCore.

Project Tango was introduced to Google in 2014, which provides AR solutions in smartphones or tablets, utilizing camera devices.

Tango-enabled smartphone or tablet camera can display 3D images in the screen, much like the capabilities possessed by Microsoft's developed HoloLens devices.

Although already announced in 2017, Google Tango itself will cease to operate in early March 2018.

Google Chrome Apps

In December 2017, Google will shut down Chrome's webstore app store. The app store contains add-ons for Chrome browser. But this decision is not done to all versions, but on Chrome that is installed on the Windows operating system, Mac, and Linux only.

As for devices using Chrome OS like a Chromebook laptop, those options are still available.

Based on e-mail posted on Chrome developers, a number of add-ons already installed in the Chrome browser can still be used. However, its function will actually be discontinued in the first quarter of 2018.

Google Talk

Google talk suffered the same fate as other instant messenger services. Introduced by Google in 2005, this feature has been discontinued in 2017.

But the termination of Google Talk is not just an instant. Google has set up a similar app, Google Hangout that lets users communicate in a more effective and easy way.

The product that Google began developing since 2013 is available in the left-hand navigation column of Gmail. As for the mobile version, the Hangout has its own app.

Groove Music

Another application that is shut down by Microsoft. It is Groove music. This app is a free and paid music streaming service created by a company owned by Bill Gates.

In December 2017, Groove announced that it will not continue this service and will remove it from the service provider's store.

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Nintendo Entertainment System (NES Classic Edition)

The legendary game console, the classic NES edition will no longer be produced by Nitendo. NES is different from the game console yan circulated some last time. It does not offer live graphics. The look is also very simple. Just like when it was first released in 1985.

Only, to keep up with the times, the console is equipped with an HDMI port. That way, NES can still be played on today's popular flat TV.

Although it has been discontinued, the demand for SPN is still quite high. Since discontinued, many people are still looking for this console. In fact, some footprints in e-Bay sell this device at a fairly high price. Especially for those lovers of old goods....

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