Monday, January 8, 2018

Recognizing 5 Causes of Stress in the Workplace

Hello guys, this time I will confide in the corner of the diary story about mylife.... Starting from my work activities that seem very colorful. According to experts and other sources, each employee has these 5 aspects in his job. And things like that happen in my life and maybe also in your life.

There are some differences to everyone, some like or some who do not like work or work. However, if you try to survive and consider all the worst things, you will definitely experience stress and this will continue to other aspects of life.

I'm will try discuss some of the things that can cause you stress in the office or at work. Consciously or not, maybe some of the things below are already or are you are experiencing... ↓

1. Public Prosecutor

In employment, there are many types of superiors. Above, the employer will behave and behave in any way for the company's perfect performance. Such a tendency allows the boss to have a 'plaintiff' attitude.

Gently and by dictation, your boss will definitely match the quality of your work. Conditions like this. The solution you can do is to try to understand why your boss is getting a request.

To avoid stes, you can positively assess how the quality of work works best. Avoid the pain of being an employee, because it will make you feel more stressed.

2. Conflict with co-workers

Unlucky office, you are placed where it should be. That is, the company put you to work with the right people. However, this is not always the case. Do you get an inappropriate job?

Job incompatibility tends to lead to conflict between employees. The ongoing conflict is clearly stressful and not optimal in work.

The solution in this case, do not be personal sentiments in running work activities in the office. Suggest yourself because you have an obligation to give the best potential in working to support it.

3. Work load

Downsizing the number of employees often chooses the company as a way to save company costs. However, this is not always good for the company, especially the employees themselves. This is certainly due to the work that every employee must bear for more.

In addition to working, this has already made longer hours work. Surely this can create stress. Employee lifestyle will also become irregular, and this exists with diet, time allocation for exercise, time to refresh working hours outside the office and on weekends.

Everything can be made less than before, and then it is related to how your boss assesses your work. Bad value from superiors certainly add to the row of stressors in the work environment.

4. The fear of losing a job

The value given by the company certainly exists in the aspect of your work. For example, the bad value provided by the company. You will feel the position in the company becomes threatened.

That feeling is very likely at work. The fear of losing work indirectly will continue to press mentally. Then how to solve it? In addition to trying to get better, try to put aside the fear of losing a job. In doing each task, focus on this goal without raising anxiety about the company's judgment.

5. Lack of communication

The workplace does not want to want a place where you spend most of the time. Like at home, build a good communication network in the office. Lack of communication in work will present your own paranoia in your mind. That feeling will be like cornering.

Try chatting with colleagues and often opening off-the-job topics with colleagues, superiors, or anyone else in the office. This will give effect to 'acceptance' for you in company. This sense of comfort will avoid the stress of being at work.

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