Saturday, January 6, 2018

[Ongoing] Youkai Apartment another favorite series anime

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Hi guys.... This time I will share in my favorite anime serial diary that is ongoing that is Youkai Apartment, if already watch episode jst first time, so i can predict will surely go by itself..... this movie I always wait for the next episode update every week....
I will tell a short story of the movie Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou .....

This film tells about Inaba Yuushi's parents died while still in junior high school, then he stayed at his brother's house.
Although they took good care of him, he realized that he would burden his brother. After graduating from junior high school, he is ready to move to a

Unfortunately, this hostel was sold out before he moved! Yuushi is reluctant to stay at his brother's house again, but what is hard to find cheap lodging. Finally he found a nice tool in the old building. But the building is Monster House, a place where humans and supernatural beings, ghosts, live together. One high school student lives there, a beautiful woman named Akane, and she's not surprised by monsters. In fact, he can even purify evil spirits! The life of high school Yuushi becomes much more strange than his estimation!

In short the story in this synopsis may make you less interested... but if you watch jst one episode.... hmmm..... trust me, u will be so like and always updated.... see ya.... hihi....

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