Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Notice between obesity and bowel movement

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This time I will tell you a little about the health I often complain about, namely obesity and bowel problems, for some people, weight loss is easy. With the various ways the diet has been done, the fat still feel at home in the body.

More than half of Americans are obese. In fact, 90 percent of obese people are men.

So far, no one right way can be used to achieve ideal body weight.

However, there is a place you can try to use to remove excess fat in the body, that is your home toilet.

Reporting from Mens'Health, "dirt" could be the answer to lose weight. Stool contains intestinal bacteria that can be a solution in losing weight.

The latest research published by the International Obesity Journal, people's ability to lose weight is highly dependent on bacteria and prevotella, two intestinal bacteria that help digest fibers in your diet.

Some people have higher concentrations and the only way to know the number of both bacteria in the body is by laboratory examination.

The study collected 62 obese people and randomly asked them to eat foods containing fiber, such as fruits, and vegetables.

Others were asked to eat foods that contain lots of meat and fat.

Participants with high fiber diet lost about 3.5 kilograms of course dieters only two kilograms during the span of six months.

After an initial half-year trial, all participants switch to a high-fiber diet, and find people with higher bacterial concentrations and prevotella contain more weight loss.

In fact, in both segments of the study, always participants with a higher concentration of both intestinal bacteria had smaller waistlines and greater fat loss.

I think there is not much we can do to increase the amount of intestinal bacteria you have. One of the solutions I think is just prevention to provide good bacteria in our intestines.... such as the consumption of healthy drinks delivered yogurt, fiber beverages, or yakult, to laxatives to cope with the buildup of stools in our intestines.... keep healthy yaa guys....

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