Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice) My Favorite New Anime

Hi guys, for those of you who like anime.... this time I will share about my hobby watching anime again ya.. this time about the hits movie is Koe no Katachi aka A Silent Voice... surely you guys know... hihihi ...

This film tells the story of elementary school there is a boy named Shouya Ishida. His suddenly changing class changed when a disabled boy moved into his class. He was named Shouko Nishimiya an innocent and lonely little girl. Due to his boredom, Ishida and his friends kept his instinct wrapped around Nishimiya.

Therefore, the Class so excited, somehow all the contents of the class even carried away even follow-up membully. Nishimiya becomes more lonely and depressed.

Pembullyan become more severe, and the teachers so know then punish Ishida. But Ishida's friend would not even admit and turn into Ishida, they blame Ishida for his Nishimiya misery. Ishida continued to be raised until high school and she felt it was worth canceling. Guilt and loneliness mixed up.

And Ishida searches for Nishimiya to apologize and invite him to make friends, but not easily seen.

if you wonder what kind of movie? let's just watch the movie.....
Search that movie soon yah guys....

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  1. animasi yang bagus
    ini dari Japan ya

  2. mine too. omg i love anime !

  3. Thank you for the nice visits. You also a healthy new year