Wednesday, January 17, 2018

[IMPORTANT] 11 Habits That Could Damage Your Kidneys

In addition to the liver or liver, the kidney is another organ that has many tasks, and one of them is to eliminate toxins from food. Indeed these two organs work together for various important purposes in our body. The kidneys mainly act to filter blood, produce hormones, produce urine, absorb minerals, neutralize acid, and eliminate toxins. Thus, it is reasonable for us to give a proper appreciation to him. So, just just take care of it carefully avoid all things that can damage the kidneys.

1. Often lack of drinking water Especially kidney function is to filter the blood and eliminate toxins and waste of body metabolism. And if we often do not drink enough water, then the toxins of body waste will accumulate and can cause severe damage to our kidneys.

2. Too much salt Our body actually needs sodium from salt to perform its function properly. But many people but now consume too much salt, which can raise blood pressure, which will ultimately burden the kidneys. We need to know that the blood pressure in the kidney is higher than the blood pressure in the body as a whole. Consumption of healthy salt, in good practice is no more than 5 grams per day.

3. Routine consume excessive sugar Scientific studies show that people who consume two or more sugary drinks daily, are more likely to get protein in their urine. Protein contained in urine, is pertKita start for the person if the kidney does not perform its function properly. Read also: Eat lots of sugar and risk of death from heart disease.

4. Often Hold Peed Perhaps many are delaying time back because of busy work or because of other things such as traveling. Holding the urine out will increase the pressure on the kidneys and burden it. If this is often done, it is not impossible this will cause kidney failure, trigger kidney stones, and incontinence. So should what is notified by the body, should be obeyed immediately.

5. Too often sleepless nights We all probably already know, that how important it is to get enough night rest. Chronic sleep deprivation is associated with many diseases, and one of them is kidney disease. At night the body makes improvements to the damaged tissues including tissue in our kidneys; so a night's rest will give the body time to do its job.

6. Like drinking coffee Excessively Similar to salt, caffeine can increase blood pressure; which will eventually put additional pressure on the kidneys. Over time, excessive coffee consumption can cause damage to the kidneys. In the right dose, coffee can be beneficial to health.

7. Lack of Vitamins and Minerals Eat-clean foods, a diet of lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, essential for overall health including for good kidney function. Many deficiencies of vitamins and minerals can increase the risk of kidney stones or even kidney failure. For example Vitamin B6 and magnesium, two very important nutrients to reduce the risk of kidney stones.

8. Often consuming excessive animal protein During consumption of protein (especially from red meat), increase the burden of renal metabolism. So, if more protein intake, the kidneys have to work harder so if it is often done from time-to-time it can cause kidney damage. Get quality protein and from a variety of food ingredients, as well as adequate and balanced consumption; because proteins are important to the body.

9. Use of over-the-counter pain medication Do not take a little pain medication (eg aspirin), but it is only a small or less painful taste or pain. Use of excessive or unattended health experts, painkillers can cause severe damage to the liver and kidneys. Tuh, the impact can be very bad, because these two very important organs can be damaged.

10. Excessive consumption of Alcohol If only occasionally, may be fine for health. But if that happens is excessive, let alone drinks are made not using the correct ingredients. then obviously, this will put a lot of pressure on the kidneys and liver.

11. Smoking worsens blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes (the two major causes of kidney disease), and slows blood flow to the kidneys.

People who smoke are more likely to have protein in the urine until touch a sign of kidney damage.

In order for our bodies to stay healthy and all organs work optimally, it is important to consume plenty of clean and fresh food, enough rest, no toxic powders, and exercise. If we can avoid the 11 bad habits as mentioned above, then our kidneys will always be awake and healthy until we next grow old....

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