Friday, January 12, 2018

Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg Will make Facebook News Feed more "meaningful"

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Various content from news sites and advertisers has been mixed with many friends and family friends in the timeline of Facebook users.

Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, apparently judging the flow of content from parties outside the circle of friendship the user is too much so that must be reduced.

The social networking giant decided to change the News Feed algorithm to show less public content from publishers and brands.

"Postings from businesses, brands, and media are stifling personal moments that connect us with each other," Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post posted on Thursday.

Facebook's move is somewhat surprising because it can result in a decrease in Facebook ad revenue that depends on the time users spend on Facebook.

Zuckerberg was candid about the possibility. "By applying this change, I think the time users spend on Facebook, following some engagement parameters, will decrease," added Zuckerberg, as summarized from Re/code, Friday (12/1/2018).

After all, Zuckerberg seems to feel that the News Feed changes will have long-term benefits that are more important than short-term gains.
With more presenting posts from other users, Facebook users are expected to more interact with others.

"The time people spend on Facebook will be more meaningful. If we do the right thing, I'm sure the consequences will be good for our community and business, "Zuckerberg wrote.

Effort to divert criticism?

Facebook has previously been heavily criticized because the News Feed algorithm prioritizes content and news that matches the view of users, including in political matters so that users are caught in their own reality bubble that does not necessarily represent the true state of affairs.

Facebook is also accused of influencing the results of the US presidential election in 2016 by spreading misleading news and information.

Moreover, last year Facebook revealed that there are indeed Russian agents who spread the posts and advertisements to split the US public ahead of presidential elections.

News Feed algorithm change raises the notion that Facebook is trying to divert the wave of criticism. Although, it is not clear whether this can dampen the trap of reality circles or spreading false news, such as through links spread by friends or relatives.

On the other hand, media managers, advertisers, and other parties who have been trying to match content in order to reach their audience through News Feed will be directly affected by Facebook algorithm changes.
Facebook revealed that its users already feel that the social networking is too far removed from the content-oriented friends and especially.

"This wave of public content makes us think back about what our purpose is," Zuckerberg said in an interview with The New York Times. "If we want to help people build relationships, then we have to make adjustments."

However, based on internal and external research on Facebook, content from media, advertisers, and others are judged to be passive in the sense that it is only consumed by users without inviting interaction. Unlike the case with posts from fellow users who provoke a lot of engagement. Let's us pray together for the future of facebook in order to remain a useful social network for all our activities....

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