Saturday, January 20, 2018

Experts Warn of Risk, YouTube Block All Video Challenge Soap #TidePodChallenge

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After blocking Logan Paul video uploads, again Youtube again delete another virus video number. This time, the video themed "Tide Pod Challenge" is rumored to be muzzled from all channels of the video streaming sites.

This step is done YouTube to facilitate the dangerous activities that then affect the physical. Because according to the YouTube Community Guidelines, such content is clearly prohibited.

"We replied to a video containing the keywords that violated us," a YouTube spokeswoman told the media.

Tide Pod Challenge itself is a challenge that is recently popular among American teenagers. To contribute to this challenge, participants are required to swallow and chew on the Tide brand detergent that has a unique wrap, just like candy.

When performing these challenges, participants typically take pictures or upload videos to social media such as YouTube. In order to appear more existing, the video post is tagged #TidePodChallenge

Reported by KompasTekno of the Washington Post, since the beginning of 2018, there have been 37 teenagers reportedly inserting a pack of detergents deliberately into their mouths. Even some of them end up in hospital due to poisoning.

In response to this incident, Tide detergent producer Procter & Gamble spoke up. Through a spokesperson, they expressed concern about the challenges already circulating among US teenagers. Therefore, liquid detergent is not food.

"The product should not be played as a joke, as other cleaning products Tide should be used properly and stored safely," said Procter & Gamble Spokesman.

In addition to YouTube, blocking will also be done by Facebook and Instagram. The trick is to delete the entire contents of #TidePodChallenge from its page.

Travel challenge on YouTube

Challenge or Challenge has become a trend in social media, including Youtube. Call it the Ice Bucket Challenge, Dont Judge Challenge and Mannequin Challenge which was popular last three years.

Ice Bucket Challenge is a challenge that obliges participants to flush their body with a bucket of ice water. This challenge is popular from 2012 to mid 2013. According to the initiator, this challenge is aimed at raising awareness in people with neurological disabilities.

In 2015, Dont Judge Challenge became popular all over the world. In this Challenge, participants are challenged to strike out their faces as badly as possible. After that, the participants will close the camera with his hands. When the camera is opened, the Challenge participant's face looks more elegant.

Though weird, this Challenge aims to promote awareness of the 'outer wrap'. Through this challenge, the participants are invited not to play judgment on something just carelessly from the outward appearance aja. Because, indeed, many people are insulted because of physical appearance.

The following year, Mannequin Challenge became popular. Through this activity, participants are challenged to be silent with various poses like mannequin dolls. Although there is no background like the two previous challenges, and many who contribute in this Challenge because it is considered interesting and exciting.

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