Sunday, January 21, 2018

Can't underestimated, Flu season 2018(influenza A H3N2)

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Outbreaks of flu are engulfing various countries, one of them the United States. Reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu outbreaks have spread in 49 states except Hawaii.

The most dominant flu virus is influenza A H3N2 or so-called Australian flu. This flu epidemic also penetrated the United States with the latest data as of January 7-10 has caused the death of 30 children in the United States.

Previously on January 6, 2018, there were reported 20 children who died from the flu. But the increase of time, this flu actually adds more victims.

There are currently 74,562 cases of influenza, but according to the CDC the figure does not cover all the victims because there are many people who do not go to the doctor.

"Hopefully we're on top now, but until we see it down for a few weeks we will not know we've reached the top or not," said CDC Flu Surveillance Survey Team, Lynnette Brammer, as quoted by the New York Post.

The CDC Director of the United States, Dr Brenda Fitzgerald, said one of the causes of high rates of hospitalization and dying in the flu season this time was the low effectiveness of the vaccine. This is because mutations that occur in influenza A H3N2 virus is quite complicated.

With the increase in casualties, Brammer recommends that everyone get a flu shot if they do not get it. He also added that there could be a second wave of plague after the first wave reached the top.

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