Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Canon's Strategy About Camera Innovation

Canon innovation
If the matter of the camera from ancient times to now, canon brand be the choice of most of us all. Canon's brand cameras currently occupy the top position in the camera industry, if judging from the market share alias market share. Even so, many photographers who complain because the Japanese company is considered less innovative when compared to its competitors, Sony and Fuji.

In an interview, CEO and President Director of Canon, Fujio Mitarai, said there was a reason behind the lack of innovation in the camera sector. According to him, Canon wants to flap the wings even further than focusing solely on the camera and lens business for consumers.

Other sectors that Canon wants to work on include healthcare, security cameras, and industrial equipment. The combined businesses are expected to contribute to one-third of all Canon sales.

The camera itself is still the main one. It is expected that the camera business contribution is still in the range of 30%. "Our management's main goal this year is to improve the antenna for cutting-edge technology," said Fujio Mitarai.

"Currently we are still left behind with other technology companies (for the matter of developing new technology). We will open a research center in Silicon Valley, where we are actively adopting new technologies, "he added.

Fujio Mitarai did not specifically disclose when the research center began to operate. It is not clear when the new businesses mentioned earlier are projected to start running.

It is expected that Canon innovation in new sectors did not make the company forget the innovation in the core business of the camera. Canon assessed not much innovation after launching technology Dual Pixel Autofocus (DPAF) in 2013 then.

The technology is considered a game-changer for autofocus, which allows for smoother and more consistent focus shots for image and video implementation.

Hopefully Canon can be able to develop its camera technology continuously in the midst of many rivals in the free market now.....

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