Sunday, January 14, 2018

Be Careful in WhatsApp group, anonymous people can see it

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We often time each time joking and chat and interaction to others to create groups in it by using WhatsApp. No doubt a group of German researchers found a gap in WhatsApp that allowed hackers into group chats and exploited activity inside.

Not just WhatsApp, similar weaknesses are also found in the Threema chat app and even the most safe Stay Signal.

More clearly, a group of researchers from Ruhr University says anyone who can control the server on the WhatsApp platform, can access private group chats. The person can even add new people and block group members without permission.

This means that the hacker needs two steps to access the WhatsApp group. First of all have to break down WhatsApp server, then use the gap to spy on the contents of the group.

"People who can break into WhatsApp servers, can have complete control over WhatsApp groups," read the research report.

"Gaps also allow hackers to forward group messaging content to others individually," he added.

The real research team has already told the case of this gap to WhatsApp as late as mid last year. Platform under the auspices of Facebook finally spoke up.

"We designed messages could not be sent to hidden users. The privacy and security of our users is very important. We collected a bit of information and all messages sent via WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted, "says WhatsApp representative.

Furthermore, WhatsApp said the gap found by research team from Ruhr University did not qualify on the program "bug bounty" held up. The program gives some money to those who find loopholes on Facebook and the platforms below it.

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