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A Relationship Without Commitment? Better dn't do it!

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If we discuss about friendship, surely everyone will experience in his life. Yes, a friend is a place to share joy and sorrow. In fact, sometimes a friend can be a powerful repellent for us....

However, can a man and woman make a sincere friendship without sexual attraction?

The term 'friend with benefits' is a term that often appears in every movie or drama series.... It must be familiar to our ears. This kind of relationship needs to be reaffirmed its meaning and limitations, especially between men and women.

What is the meaning of 'friend with benefits'? This is a term for friendship, where two people physically intimate. However, it does not involve commitment in it.

In other words, the people involved in this relationship enjoy and spend time together and get along in any way....

However, their relationship is not an affair and has no bond. If you are thinking of entering into this relationship, there are five important things to consider. You have to rethink whether this relationship is right and really useful. If not, then this kind of relationship will only hurt yourself.

Here are five things you should think about this ↓

Be in the same position

When in this relationship, you must be open and honest about the rights in this relationship from the beginning.

To avoid confusion and not to hurt each other's feelings, you must be completely honest and agree on the nature of the relationship you are living.

That way, this relationship without commitment can go smoothly.

There is no commitment in the relationship

If you want to be friends with the opposite sex, it's important to know, understand and accept what this relationship means for you two later.

You must understand that your friend or friend is not your partner. This can be a plus and a disadvantage depending on your current wants and needs.

In this case, it is important to understand that this person can not give you the emotional and caring support that other important people typically show in a committed relationship.

For example, "lend a shoulder" for crying, attending family events, or spending a romantic evening together.

  Think about whether this relationship is really what you want

It's important to think about whether it's just a relationship without this commitment that you want to live with.

Never enter this kind of relationship, if only because it's the only thing he's offering you.

Could be, one of you hopes more on this relationship. This kind of thing will only cause hurt.

To avoid hurt, you must really know what you want before you get too far in this relationship.

Could be, excessive hope will grow over time. Then the possibility for a broken heart should also you think.

  Understand that this person may be with other people

If you are thinking of entering into a relationship without this commitment, it is also important to remember that this is not a monogamous relationship. Could be, he is also familiar with other.

In fact, one of you is free to date more people, have a 'friend with benefits' relationship with others.

Protecting emotional health is as important as maintaining physical health. You must be prepared and understand that a relationship without a commitment with him can end at any time.

You enjoy this relationship

In order for this relationship to run smoothly, you also have to meet your own needs as you meet their needs.

Even if you are happy to be friends or have close relationships with him, this relationship can go smoothly if you are completely satisfied with the rules in it.

If in the future this relationship only gives regret and disappointment, this means not the right choice.

Or instead, if this relationship limits you to having a wider association or a committed relationship, then immediately leave this kind of relationship.

Remember us as humans have been born into social beings that are very susceptible to environmental, illness, etc... Bad things will surely pick up something that is not good too.... let's we protect ourself early on... ok guys ?!

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