Monday, January 8, 2018

5G Service Sure Will Be Present at This Year

This time I will share information about the latest network that is 5G, After going through various review process, 5G network will make its debut this year. Telecom operators United States, AT & T and Verizon became the first to announce its support for the 5G mobile network.

Both Verizon and AT & T plan to release a 5G network in three to five US territories by 2018. It is not mentioned which regions are the targets of these two operators. But surely both Verizon and AT & T have partnered with them to realize their plans.

Verizon for example, the company that adopted the first 4G network in the US is holding Samsung to support the distribution of its 5G network. Through this partnership, Samsung will provide verizon of a number of 5G routers, 5G radio access units complete with wave transmitters and visualized RAN elements, and 5G frequency services.

While AT & T strives to provide 5G standard network services by the end of 2018. The 5G AT & T network will be based on New 5G radio according to the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) specification.

Despite preparing the blueprint, currently both operators are still focused on improving the infrastructure for the network to function properly. Therefore, the 5G service provided is not maximized. While the new 5G service can only be enjoyed in 2020.

5G Advantages

Based on the information I found from social media, 5G networks have advantages over 4G, faster data transactions.

In addition, the 5G network is also claimed to be more power efficient than previous generations. Therefore, devices that have supported the 5G network are also claimed to be more power efficient.

In addition, the existence of 5G is also staying digadang will affect the growth of the gadget Internet of Things (IoT). Because the transaction data can take place more quickly with the existence of this network.

Well exclaimed right? we have just enjoyed 4G and soon come globally 5G, how do you think if the future comes quickly? do not be surprised yaa.... hihihi.... ^_^

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