Wednesday, January 17, 2018

4 Point Why Should Fruit Be Eaten Before or After Meals?

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Have you ever thought of "when is it a good time to consume fruits, after or before meals?"As we know fresh fruit is the most healthful food for us. In fact you may have heard the saying, "An apple per day, will keep you away from the doctor". It is true that eating fruits every day will make us healthy, but many do not understand that when is the right time to eat fruits. Keep in mind that eating fruit after a meal can cause digestive problems. Read on to find out more important information!

It is recommended for us to eat fruit at least 20 - 30 minutes before meals. Why else? Fruits contain sugar, so it takes a lot of time to digest them. If we eat fruits immediately before or after he eats, it will take a long time to digest - so many important nutrients from the fruit will be wasted. Therefore it is recommended that fruits should be eaten a few minutes before a large meal, then the fruit will provide all types of nutrients in it. Unfortunately many people are accustomed to eating fruit shortly after eating, or fruit salad that is served after eating even added a lot of sugar.

Here's how to eat good fruit, as well as some explanations why fruit should be eaten before a big meal

1. Before / after meals Fruit should be eaten twenty or thirty minutes before meals. If you want to eat more fruit after a meal, then you should wait after three hours (after the food is ingested). Eating fruits before meals also helps reduce weight, as it makes you feel fuller.

2. Eat fruits before breakfast Because our bodies do not get any food for eight or seven hours of sleep, it is advisable to eat fruits every morning (before breakfast). This helps increase blood sugar levels in the body. Eating fruit is a subtle way to start your day. Eating healthy fruits every morning on an empty stomach or before breakfast, will help the body to absorb all the necessary essential nutrients found in fruits. This is the reason why it is advisable to eat fruits before eating. Familiarizing how to eat fruit like this will benefit your health in the long term.

3. Avoid eating fruit along with other foods Avoid eating fruits as a side dish or along with food. Likewise, eating fruit as a dessert will not give the best results for the body, such as cut fruit and mixed with salad laden with sugar or ice cream mix

4. Fresh fruit is much better Better to avoid canned fruit, frozen fruit, or fruit that has been processed. Such fruits are generally very high in sugar, preservatives, or other additive chemicals that can harm the body - so it is not considered a healthy fruit.

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