Saturday, December 30, 2017

How to Avoid Health Insurance Scams

We must be vigilant because crime often strikes every spectrum of our lives, especially in the United States.... unfortunately, even those who try to protect them and their loved ones from health-related financial burdens are at risk. Federal statistics show a sharp increase in the number of unlicensed or unlicensed health insurance companies in recent years. Results? Hundreds of thousands of Americans are spending their money on unnecessary coverage of health services that should be worth more than a quarter of a billion dollars. Most fraudulent insurance is provided through programs sponsored by companies where spooky shysters have access to hundreds of potential victims, or self-employed workers and small businesses who may be unable or participate in a proper group plan.

It has been suggested that high health care costs in the United States have contributed to the increasing number of health insurance scams. With more than 40 million Americans living without health insurance, fraudsters have a huge market of people who want to think they get agreement on services that offer medical protection for their families. In fact, a study at Georgetown University found a dramatic increase in medical care insurance scams has increased simultaneously with health care premiums having recorded double-digit rate increases.

Often, fraud does not reveal itself until after one of these unfortunate beneficiaries tries to use their health insurance to cover an approved medical situation. At that time, depending on the family's ability to pay for medical services without insurance, the financial crisis may already be under way. State governments are less likely to offer financial guarantees or protection when a health insurance plan is revealed as fraud or if the insurer is unwilling or unable to pay legitimate claims.

Regardless of the cruelty perpetuating these horrible crimes, the fraudulent health insurance companies often get away with their stolen money intact. The authorities can not immediately enter and arrest the bad guys; Investigations take time and organization if they want to get enough evidence to produce a guilty verdict in court. Unfortunately, when such an investigation can be done and the authorities can move, the fraudulent health insurance company has had a chance to hide their assets or have moved to another location under another name.

There are several things that may make you suspicious about the legitimacy of health insurance providers. First of all is the price. Fraudulent health insurance companies tend to offer rebates as a way of luring victims to hand over their money. The truth is that health insurance can be an expensive prospect. If you feel your deal is too good, you may not get a deal at all. As the old saying goes, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

The second indicator that the health insurance provider you are facing may be a fraudulent operation is the presence of less than usual or even absence of regulation governing other insurance providers. The provider of a fraudulent health insurance plan also tries to attract potential clients by bragging about state regulatory freedoms. Do not be fooled: a legitimate health insurance provider is not immune from state regulations. Quite the opposite is true. Many types of insurance, including health insurance, are managed primarily by individual states.

Additionally, while cheating health care insurance is a national problem, a survey of some identified health insurance scams has revealed that Texas and Florida as a specific hideout of improper insurance activity. Beware of new health insurance providers starting businesses. Ask your business bureau better to make sure there are no complaints.

There are several things you can do to protect yourself from fraudulent false health insurance plans. The first thing you can do is realize that fake plans are out there.

The second step you take to protect yourself when getting a reasonable health insurance plan is to educate yourself about your options: get around, ask questions, ask permission of state insurance commissioners to verify the validity of insurance operations.

Remember, evil happens not only from the intent of the perpetrator, but also from the opportunity ... beware! and beware!!....

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