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3 Reasons Why Boruto is still outdated from Naruto

This time I will tell you about my hobby watching naruto movie series, and I think there are 4 reasons why boruto is still outdated from Naruto....The end of the Naruto anime series in 2014 left disappointed loyal fans, so many fans who wanted Naruto's story to continue. But Masashi Kishimoto has decided, Naruto must be finished. However, long before Naruto graduated, Masashi Kishimoto is actually aware that many fans will be disappointed, for that he has prepared two of his beliefs to create a new story with a new figure.

From here comes the character of Boruto who will continue the journey of Naruto anime. The anime series itself is named Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The presence of Boruto anime raises one question. By bringing new characters and new story paths, will the Boruto anime be as booming as the Naruto anime? The answer is no. If a new question arises, why Boruto anime will not be as booming as Naruto anime, the 4 reasons below are the answer:

1. The storyline of Boruto anime is not like naruto composed by Masashi Kishimoto

Naruto anime is very attached to the figure of Masashi Kishimoto.
For decades he made this anime. It has its own characteristics in the Naruto anime. Naruto's character is very inspiring. Even from the beginning, we can see how he inspired many people with Naruto characters who are orphans, living alone, weak, and in bully many people. With that situation, Naruto even keep the spirit of life. His dream to be the strongest ninja, to be a hokage even more furious, and this is very inspiring.People love the inspiring story, this is the characteristic of Masashi Kishimoto. Compare with Boruto anime created by Ukyo Kodachi (story) and Mikio Ikemoto (picture), is there an inspiring story from Boruto anime? There is no. From the way of the story, Boruto anime will be very minimal with inspiring story. Boruto anime is like a purely anime mystery that is packed in a battle story path. The character of Boruto is told by the figure of a tengil boy who was born complete with both parents. Unlike Naruto, Boruto has all what he wants. All he has to do is to learn the moves, live his life, and solve the mysteries that come to mind in the fans. For example, the mystery of Kawaki, Mitsuki, Byakugan's eye or Tenseigan.


. In addition to the storyline, the characters in the anime Boruto is also no longer in the image by Masashi Kishimoto

When looking at the figure of Naruto in the Boruto anime, there is one thing that is very clear we see Loopers.
Naruto's form is very different. Similarly, the other characters that exist in Naruto anime and still appear in Boruto anime. If the term is, cool is Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Hinata, Shikamaru, and other characters in the Naruto anime rather than in the Boruto anime. The different shape of this character is of course because it is not Masashi Kishimoto who designed the anime character Boruto, but his assistant, Mikio Ikemoto.Different design is not because Mikio is not able to design a character similar to have Masashi Kishimoto. Boruto Anime is a new story, which means the old characters in the Naruto anime must also be depicted with a new design. We as Naruto fans want Naruto and the other characters that exist in the Naruto anime, in design with the original form in the anime of Boruto, not with the new design. This new design makes Naruto and his friends look very strange in the anime of Boruto. Indirectly, this new design makes the anime Boruto feels bland.

3. The village of Konoha in the more modern anime of Boruto

What would happen if the ninja era like Boruto anime already there are various technologies that are not appropriate? No more sensation typical of the ninja era in Boruto anime. Although we know there are also some modern technologies in the Naruto anime, but not so much as the one in the Boruto anime.In Boruto anime there are already towering buildings, supermarkets, videotrons, electric trains, video games, and so forth. The lifestyle of Konoha villagers is also like the lifestyle of modern times, it can be seen from the way of dressing and from his hobbies to eat fast food in the restaurant. Very different from Naruto and other Konoha residents who sit and eat noodles at the ramen noodle shop in the Naruto anime...  Wait for continuation of share diary about naruto and boruto ya guys....
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