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The Major Issues in Palestine today? We must see this!!

We all do not even know where to start, but here we try to see the insiders' point of view and the outside ↓
1 It has been the longest occupation in modern history, and still the world has no recognition for such an awful act. This leads to both parties, the Israelis and Palestinians, to take matters on their own. This had led to what so called "The single wolf" attacks by both Palestinians and Israelis. Both sides no longer have trust in their governments.

2 ► What so called the Palestinian liberating organization, which is acting as the party that is ruling what's left of the west bank, is corrupt and madly unable to protect the people. In contrary, they've been actually helping the Israeli army with intelligence on any soul that tries to seek liberation. This led to a large gap between the people and the government. Such government, charges people taxes, one of the most expensive electricity and water in the whole world, unreasonable traffic tickets...etc. This literally led Palestinians to lose faith in any political party that exists in the west bank or Gaza.

3 Most Palestinians never enjoyed the sea. Many went to the Dead Sea, which resembles many of their daily life, or future hopes. This is no joke, over %54 of Palestinians live below poverty level. They only know one kind of frozen fish, a kind that also demonstrates their life journey, it has no head, that's literally what its called.

4 Since the beginning of the technology revolution, Palestinians are starting to notice how unfortunate they are. Living in large prisons with checkpoints and military compounds separating what's left of their overpopulated cities. In addition to the continuous fear of what's going to happen tomorrow. While people in the world, well, in Israel to that matter, enjoy a healthy and free lifestyle. You could immediately spot the difference while crossing the 'Ghetto separation wall of shame'. Its a piece of land split in half, one part you'll feel like you are in London, the other would make you feel like you are in South Africa, minus the freedom the africans somewhat get to enjoy.

5 The Israelis have grown into a paranoid nation. Living in emergency since the first day that state was established. Recent reports show how Israeli soldiers shooting a defenseless woman, shouting for help, while over 10 military and police personnel point their guns at her, before shooting her twice. Several other reports show a cruel, heartless, and inhuman attacks on children. One included kidnapping a 12 year old 'Mohammad Abu Khdeir' then forcing him to drink gasoline, then burn him inside out. Such act only shows the depth of hate that currently exist between both sides. Many other reports show Israeli police and military, beating up defenseless women and elder men.

6 Israeli statistics show over 6000 Palestinian political prisoners detained in Israel. Some of them scored a high record of longest hunger strike in modern history. Many of them were held without a court order and listed as "Under military custody".
 Every Palestinian have either been arrested or have a relative or a friend in prison. Same goes for being injured or martyred. This personalizes the conflict which is already being extended to the forth and soon the fifth generation among Palestinians. BTW this is only second and almost third generation for Israelis.


7 Palestinians in refugee camps in Palestine and outside. These people are largely ignored by the whole world, and more important, the Palestinian government. These people have been living in the worst circumstances you could imagine. Small highly condensed overpopulated areas without any government or groups to watch for them. Moreover, refugees are highly targeted by the Israelis to spread the use of drugs. The Israeli intelligence also uses their poverty in many wrong ways that might extend beyond the scope of this answer.
If you disagree with anything I say please go visit the west bank. You'll probably see what I am talking about just by arriving at the Israeli airport and get the interrogated and asked a million questions on why are you visiting. Many Americans were denied entry, detained at the airport, forced to show private information like opening their gmail or Facebook accounts to an Israeli airport officer. Not even allowing them to contact the embassy, then sent back, only because they knew someone in the west bank.
If you pass, you'll probably be escorted from the airport into a large highly secured checkpoint in order to pass to what so called "The Palestinian side" of the wall. Israeli military still can go there and arrest and shoot people. Even demolish homes and claim certain areas as being under the Israeli Attack Forces control.
First thing that'll shock you is the Qalandia refugee camp as you'll come face to face with almost everything in this answer.
Continue to Ramallah and notice how people are depressed, it'll show immediately.

Now try going from Ramallah to Nablus, then you'll really feel the difference between what CNN and tons of false media feeds, and what reality looks like. Israeli settlements surround small Palestinian cities. Guarded by heavy military and checkpoints. Not to mention that all settlers are highly trained on how to use weapons and probably own a collection.

I was 18 when I was arrested the first time. I was arrested while volunteering as an EMT trying to deliver bread and medicine to families who've been under siege and curfew for months. I was beaten and humiliated in many ways before taken to a military compound for interrogation and torture. No one knew where I was for days, all this while still wearing my EMT uniform which was part of the Red Cross. I had it easy though, other prisoners get thrown into small low ceiling rooms for months with no contact with the outside world. Many of them have developed mental and physical disabilities because of what they went through.
It's hard to narrate other events because they are ugly and painful. Being a Palestinian emergency worker have changed my life forever. Although I've moved out of there, but still, memories of those days still haunt me and does affect my life in many ways.
And still, I believe I had it easier than people who still live in Gaza or the West bank.

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Mohammad Kalboneh
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