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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Keep ur Health Guys!!

Well, know why this morning I showered earlier..? Today was a tiring day, where I should go to the hospital to see my doctor .. huffttt before transferring to my brain like what would happen, and that the said by the doctor told me ... and without even now I have felt in the room until the doctor ... As if the trip to see a doctor only in the eyes flicker .. HUFFFTTT .. I honestly do not like hospitals and dealing with the residents of the hospital .... it wants to run away as fast as lightning ..., but how, can be a big upset me with my parents at home ... Run away because I was lazy to go and listen from the doctor

Without wasting time I could to try left the hospital, but suddenly my brother who is a doctor patted my back from behind and say "Why not go straight ..? Doctor Rudi has been waiting for from last" hufffttt .... pale and weak I followed my older brother's footsteps .. Without I guess I got a glass of hot chocolate from the doctor, Subhanallah ... I was the doctor who deem the enemy, he's nice and caring with me. He made the atmosphere comfortable, because maybe he knew I was a very sensitive and do not like the mad and of course, do not forget to remind him to eat ice cream utnuk not excessive, drinking water is too cold, because it is a bad influence for my respiratory system, chances are he will be more narrow... and from now on I shall restrict to stay balanced and reduce food and drinks that are too cold

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