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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Paul Walker Fake his death for Fast and Furious 7 ?

What do you think ???? Is Paul Walker really still ALIVE ???? It might be possible... It's true! He is still alive! He faked his own death! Don't believe?

Paul's Autopsy results were placed on 'Security Hold'

A statement from Lieutenant Fred Corral saying:

    "The case has been placed on security hold. No information is to be released on either decedent at this time."

There's no further information about what this rather ominous statement actually means, but the most obvious explanation seems to be, 'this is just one of those things cops say to make journalists go away.'

Two Different Number Plates?

According to the group, the number plate found in the wreckage of the tragic crash site was different to the one on the car pictured with Paul (above right). Maybe the photograph was photoshopped... or maybe it's a random picture of Paul with another car. The Paul Walker Still Alive? group does not source the pictures so we cannot be certain.
From Orange to Red?

According to the Paul Walker conspiracy camp, the car on the left (with Paul) is orange, and the wreckage shows a red paint job. Honestly, I think this is clutching at straws here, and is the kind of 'I see one color, you see another' debate that is more appropriate to something less upsetting, such as that goddam stupid blue-or-gold dress.

There are many articles claiming that Paul Walker's death was a hoax, and the Paul Walker Still Alive? Facebook group continues, but you'll have to make up your own minds.

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Vinnie G. Rovcomsan

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Power of Social Media was at Center of The Terrorist Attack

© The Guardian a.k.a AP Photo
Maybe the strongest statement about the power of social media was made when the pope signed on to Twitter this year for the first time ever. Social media also played a significant role in international affairs, when cellphone images showed what appeared to be a chemical weapons attack in Syria.

Social media was at the center of the terrorist attack in Kenya's Westgate shopping center. Anyone with a cellphone can now go global as events unfold. Social media became a major player during moments of crisis this year.

After the Boston Marathon bombing, police turned to social media for help in capturing the bombing suspects. People stepped up, which was both a blessing and a curse. Social media users misidentified several people, including Brown student Sunil Tripathi, who was missing at the time, as the suspected bombers.

But in another instance of false identification, Notre Dame football star Manti Te'o learned a hard lesson this year when he revealed that the woman he met online and fell in love with didn't actually exist.

Taking "selfies" and posting them to social media was all the rage this year. Some of the memorable selfies included Geraldo Rivera's topless shot, Chelsea Clinton's photo with her mom, Hillary Clinton, and a student's selfie with his teacher about to give birth. Even Malia and Sasha Obama got into the action and posed for a selfie together while their mother, Michelle Obama, looked on.

One of the biggest social media stories this year came from former National Security Administration contractor, Edward Snowden, who claimed to have stolen tens of thousands of confidential and classified documents from the NSA's internal computer system.
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