Thursday, May 13, 2010


Subhanallah tonight... it rained again, and I'm still struggling with the Sweetest My Diary ... I know .. I know ... Image and video hosting by TinyPic my cell phone kept ringing, so make me tired, if your phone can talk maybe he too would say that he was tired ... yupp exactly call my cell phone from my boyfriend who is currently away from my side .. Honestly I really miss her to have at my side ... and not just for now, but for tomorrow and forever ... I know there is much to think to marry him, but I'm sure ... he was the last love in my life ... At night and this rain makes the atmosphere that previously felt tired with school tasks are now starting to feel lighter, even lighter than cotton. Perhaps because of the power of love that she gave me ... though we are far away but we love each other sincerely and even then, I always hoped we would get married till... Amien.. Allahumma Amien...
Upss voice he began to get angry because I was not yet evening prayers ... hehehe I know it's rather difficult in'll tell for the evening prayer, because it was a long evening prayer time .. so often delayed ... Astaghfirullahal adzim.... huufffttt ssttttt...!!!! don't talk anything with my bebz♥ okay... ^_^ byeee... I'm promise I'll longing u all my friend...
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