Friday, April 2, 2010

Lord forgive my mistakes

Masha'Allah ... Honesty is very painful feeling .... businesses that do to the competition blog, to make me sick, until my final project was not completed, I pause for a blog competition. There are prizes of the competition was a very wanted, though it was difficult to accept it ... I spoke to This may also warning me that during much of this can already be wiser for my future ... I'm more concerned that competition rather than my final project. Despite the painful feeling of losing it ... but I do not want berburuk think with all that God has given me, I am sure there are times when I could have the gift. Though not necessarily right now and this time, I was forced to learn patience and sincerity ... all because of God, Lillahita'ala

Dear My Rabb...

Allahu Yaa Rabb, if that's not the path to my livelihood away from my life ...., then ... I just want everything because Rida from you. Allahu Yaa Rabb servants give ease to obtain what I need Rabb ... Because only a servant to ask thee and unto thy servant begged for help .... Because you are my Lord ... where I take shelter from all the mistakes and flaws .. Rabbi forgiven servant if the servant has been negligent of all thy commandments

Image and video hosting by TinyPic...Lord forgive all my mistakes....Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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