Monday, April 12, 2010

I lov u dear...

after being satisfied on holiday yesterday ... vacation from blog posts now hehehe lahi me back in my routine to post about what I spent yesterday, yup exactly yesterday afternoon I had an argument with my girlfriend, we fight because of her past come back to disturb our lives today. HONEST I hate the presence of his past, is this a sign of a sense of love for him ...? I do not know that I knew for sure, that I loved her and I was not ready and not ready to lose either of my sight and out of my life
if he knows how much I was too afraid to far and lose him ... I loved him so much more than I love hiduku own, how many things he has been sacrificed for me, how special I was loved by him, although sometimes I feel it is inappropriate to in a special treat ... because I felt I was not good for him, I said those words, he's definitely sad to hear my words, he believes, and he promised to marry me. Although I too often hurt and despair with the promise of a man. But somehow for the umpteenth time I trust a man who tried to prove his love for me until the end of life

Now I'm starting to believe, that every journey there must be magic in it, and now I began to open up with my girlfriend, who first I can not speak out loud of love ... now I can say it started with a confident and assertive .. "That I loved him so much and I was too afraid to lose it .."

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