Tuesday, March 30, 2010

different opinions

Last night I had a fight with my boyfriend .... simple reason, he began to not care about me, I'm tired of knowing her obedience to God. He was late to wake up, and consequently he was not carrying out their duties and obligations as a Muslim. Honestly it makes me disappointed inflamed, though I know how much I loved he very much ...
but he attitude lately is very different, he's annoying ... Masha Allah, sometimes I'm tired of smelling things oversimplify matters of religion .. Yup I was one of the women who are religious ... though I was angry with his attitude ... this afternoon, but I really thought about it last night, even till this morning, I just spent my evening by reading a novel, I'm bored .. maybe for a few days I'll shut up and do not reach ... I want him to think, and realized his mistake.

Dear my love ....
I honestly love you very much, especially with the way our relationship over this, but allow me to correct your mistake, please act mature and wise ... because one day you'll be a priest for me and my offspring ... Follow the footsteps of our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Hopefully one day you can see what I mean
with love from me
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