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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Get Award and price from Miku

Well... some day ago... I get cuties AWARD I think..., hehehe Image and video hosting by TinyPic she's said... me another language.. hehehe, yess of course, another language with her, cause I talk with english but no more... if good feel and great day.... else language that's I talk with Indonesia Language.. yes I from Indonesia.. ^^ and some with arabic...^^ uppss... so sorry, this award from my new friend, she's name is Miku Holla miku... ur price have done I posting... I hope u be fine and have a nice day for u Miku thank u so much dear, being with my friend... Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Longing with my sweetest diary

Sweetest miss with my diary .., it's where I put what I feel ..., without exception, although I felt tired and bored with my life ..., Insha Allah I did not feel bored with my sweet diary ... me too long to feel sad because I left diaryku, for the interest is more important than just playing in the diary with graphics cuties ... And I also miss all my sista ... I'm sure she's missed me, hehehe... sista ... miss u so much .... sista I'm so sorry I left you a long time ... because I have to finish my study... Image and video hosting by TinyPic And now I'm back, not because of my studied has been completed, but because I'm busy and I do not know what to run where to devote all my sigh complained .... in addition to the My Rabbi and My Bebz♥ .. I scrawled in My Sweetest Diary ... Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Subhanallah tonight... it rained again, and I'm still struggling with the Sweetest My Diary ... I know .. I know ... Image and video hosting by TinyPic my cell phone kept ringing, so make me tired, if your phone can talk maybe he too would say that he was tired ... yupp exactly call my cell phone from my boyfriend who is currently away from my side .. Honestly I really miss her to have at my side ... and not just for now, but for tomorrow and forever ... I know there is much to think to marry him, but I'm sure ... he was the last love in my life ... At night and this rain makes the atmosphere that previously felt tired with school tasks are now starting to feel lighter, even lighter than cotton. Perhaps because of the power of love that she gave me ... though we are far away but we love each other sincerely and even then, I always hoped we would get married till... Amien.. Allahumma Amien...
Upss voice he began to get angry because I was not yet evening prayers ... hehehe I know it's rather difficult in'll tell for the evening prayer, because it was a long evening prayer time .. so often delayed ... Astaghfirullahal adzim.... huufffttt ssttttt...!!!! don't talk anything with my bebz♥ okay... ^_^ byeee... I'm promise I'll longing u all my friend...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Well I get "SWEET BLOGGER AWARD" from my new friend she's name is Syakura it was nice ... I have a new diary and this blog, turned out to be a great concern of my new friends, to have this beautiful award .... thank you sincerely and lovingly to my new best friend named Syakura and I have a nice graphics special for ♥ My Sista ♥ in Brazil ... she's always been good to me... and I'm very loving with my loves ♥ My Sista ♥.....

I love my sista ... there's not much I can give only a simple grahics can I give special for ♥ My Sista ♥ may my sista always be in the shade of God ... hopefully in the provision made, in life, and love... Amien... for my sista..., to get link my graphics here

Monday, April 12, 2010

I lov u dear...

after being satisfied on holiday yesterday ... vacation from blog posts now hehehe lahi me back in my routine to post about what I spent yesterday, yup exactly yesterday afternoon I had an argument with my girlfriend, we fight because of her past come back to disturb our lives today. HONEST I hate the presence of his past, is this a sign of a sense of love for him ...? I do not know that I knew for sure, that I loved her and I was not ready and not ready to lose either of my sight and out of my life
if he knows how much I was too afraid to far and lose him ... I loved him so much more than I love hiduku own, how many things he has been sacrificed for me, how special I was loved by him, although sometimes I feel it is inappropriate to in a special treat ... because I felt I was not good for him, I said those words, he's definitely sad to hear my words, he believes, and he promised to marry me. Although I too often hurt and despair with the promise of a man. But somehow for the umpteenth time I trust a man who tried to prove his love for me until the end of life

Now I'm starting to believe, that every journey there must be magic in it, and now I began to open up with my girlfriend, who first I can not speak out loud of love ... now I can say it started with a confident and assertive .. "That I loved him so much and I was too afraid to lose it .."

Friday, April 2, 2010

Lord forgive my mistakes

Masha'Allah ... Honesty is very painful feeling .... businesses that do to the competition blog, to make me sick, until my final project was not completed, I pause for a blog competition. There are prizes of the competition was a very wanted, though it was difficult to accept it ... I spoke to This may also warning me that during much of this can already be wiser for my future ... I'm more concerned that competition rather than my final project. Despite the painful feeling of losing it ... but I do not want berburuk think with all that God has given me, I am sure there are times when I could have the gift. Though not necessarily right now and this time, I was forced to learn patience and sincerity ... all because of God, Lillahita'ala

Dear My Rabb...

Allahu Yaa Rabb, if that's not the path to my livelihood away from my life ...., then ... I just want everything because Rida from you. Allahu Yaa Rabb servants give ease to obtain what I need Rabb ... Because only a servant to ask thee and unto thy servant begged for help .... Because you are my Lord ... where I take shelter from all the mistakes and flaws .. Rabbi forgiven servant if the servant has been negligent of all thy commandments

Image and video hosting by TinyPic...Lord forgive all my mistakes....Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

different opinions

Last night I had a fight with my boyfriend .... simple reason, he began to not care about me, I'm tired of knowing her obedience to God. He was late to wake up, and consequently he was not carrying out their duties and obligations as a Muslim. Honestly it makes me disappointed inflamed, though I know how much I loved he very much ...
but he attitude lately is very different, he's annoying ... Masha Allah, sometimes I'm tired of smelling things oversimplify matters of religion .. Yup I was one of the women who are religious ... though I was angry with his attitude ... this afternoon, but I really thought about it last night, even till this morning, I just spent my evening by reading a novel, I'm bored .. maybe for a few days I'll shut up and do not reach ... I want him to think, and realized his mistake.

Dear my love ....
I honestly love you very much, especially with the way our relationship over this, but allow me to correct your mistake, please act mature and wise ... because one day you'll be a priest for me and my offspring ... Follow the footsteps of our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Hopefully one day you can see what I mean
with love from me
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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