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Sunday, January 28, 2018

New, Android Oreo's can detect speeds before you connect to WiFi network

As we know, Google released the final version of Android 8.0 Oreo update, the latest version of Android mobile operating system, in August 2017 last year. And now, new updates to show on Android 8.1 Oreo will let users know the speed of the network before connecting with them.

As per a post on Twitter by Android, the new update will be available on smartphones that use the new Android Oreo OS and will let users see the speed of the network instead of going by guess work. “Public Wi-Fi can be spotty. For the first time, #AndroidOreo 8.1 lets you take out the guesswork & see the speed of networks before you hit connect.

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In an article that was published on Google's support site, the company stated that users who try to connect to WiFi networks will see four different signal strengths on the WiFi icon. These connection speeds can change with the strength of signal and indicate the functions that can be carried out using the connection.

In the 'Slow' mode, use of the connection is limited only to making calls and forwarding messages. If the speed increases to the 'OK' mode, then other activities including the opening of web pages, operating of the social media and live streaming of music can be carried out. In the 'Fast' mode most of the functions including streaming of most videos can be done. However, it does not end here. There is a more advanced mode, i.e. the 'Very Fast' mode where even videos of the highest quality could be streamed.
However, the new feature is a long way from being widely available. As per various reports, the latest operating system is available only on a limited number of smartphones. In addition, speeds won’t show up on WiFi systems that are protected. Nevertheless, the new feature is certain to increase the freedom of choice for the average user who could opt between either his own mobile data or a better performing WiFi network.

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

First 512GB microSD card, release on This February 2018

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Maybe among us often experience the problem of fullness in social media and our business is much installed in our gadgets, do not worry ....

The microSD storage capabilities will continue to grow as time goes by and our needs, file size of apps, photos, videos, and more in gadgets or digital cameras. MicroSD card size 64 GB is now quickly able to fill up quickly.

Memory card with a larger size was finally made. It turns out that the produce is not from the memory manufacturers we know like SanDisk, Kingston, or Transced, etc ~

The manufacturer is called Integral, a British digital storage company. They announced to release a 512 GB official microSD card in February 2018. If planned, Integral can claim to be the first manufacturer in the world to produce microSD for it.

Previously, the largest capacity microSD record held by SanDisk in mid-September. The existence of Integral-made microSD that automatically shift SanDisk record to second position.

Not only has a larger capacity, this Integral micro-workstation already supports fast data transfer (automatic 2.0 / 3.0)The card complies with the V10, Class 10, and U1 standards. In other words, it should have a minimum sequential write speed of 10MB/second, which is half the speed of more-common U3/V30 cards. It's definitely not ideal for Android's adoptable storage or a Nintendo Switch, but it should work fine for recording 1080p video.

This Integral memory card is SDXC UHS-I U1 which supports Standard Video Speed ​​Class V10. The write speed of MicroSD card Integral penetrate the number 10 Mbps and read speed 80 Mbps.

Even so, according to the netizens in the media read speed of this card is still lower than the 400 GB microSD owned by SandDisk.

Integral has not announced the price of this jumbo size microSD officially. If compared with a 400GB microSD SandDisk is priced at 249.99 US dollars, 512GB Integral microSD predicted slightly more expensive.

Although not yet compatible with a number of latest mobile phones, this external storage chip can be used for future devices. Call it the rumored Samsung Galaxy S9 can add storage capacity up to 512 GB, iphone 8, or the latest gadgets later.

note: If you want to buy one for some reason, Integral Memory will start selling the card sometime next month. It should work with any device that supports the microSD XC standard.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Short Tips Anticipate the Disease in Winter 2017-2018

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Before winter season begin, everyone must be worried and anticipation about suffering from cold, sore throat, cough, running nose, fever and etc ~

I'm going try to explain you few of the health tips and as well as how to prevent yourself from cold and cough in this winter seasons.

Clean your surroundings
Everyone must keep their places and surroundings clean. We need to clean our houses, bathrooms, bedrooms and other living rooms. Doctor advised to keep your mobile phones clean every-time. Since without our knowledge a few may use our cell phones. Through this way also the germs may come and enter into your body.

Always keep your hands clean
It is better to wash your hands frequently with good soap which will protect you from microbes and germs. In few situations, without our knowledge we might touch someone's hands or sneeze. In those cases make yourself clean by washing your hands with the soap.

Also after you using your bathrooms clean your hands with hand-wash. This may help us to lead a healthier lifestyle.

InTake of Healthy Foods
As winter season started, everyone must be careful in what you eat. Few fruits and vegetables are needs to be avoided in these winter months. So get the advice of your family doctors and schedule yourself. Eat a healthy and nutritious diets with fresh fruits and vegetables. This helps in protecting our body from causing diseases like cold and cough.

Hope we all would understand these health tips, How to prevent cold and cough in these winter season in order to have a keep healthy lifestyle.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Master 82% World Wealth, 62 This Person Became Super Rich

© Credit: oxfam international
Oxfam released a report that seemed to "slap" the world economic forum. Sourced from CNBC, Monday (22/1/2018), that there are only 62 super rich in the world alias is not up to 1% who has 82% of the wealth in the world. While half the world population in the poverty line did not experience an increase in revenue last year.

This report makes Oxfam ask WEF to address the widening gap between super rich people and other impoverished residents. Oxfam called global political and business elites gathered to enjoy snow in Davos with an expensive coat, should promote responsive and responsible leadership.

According to Oxfam, all the figures of global political and business elite are "increasingly concentrated" at the peak of wealth. They are like doing tax evasion, ignoring workers' rights, using their business influence to create a policy, which ultimately widens the social inequality.

Oxfam in his research states, the wealth of the billionaires increased an average of 13% per year in the decade from 2006 to 2015. And nine out of 10 of the world's 2043 billionaires are male. Last year, these billionaires experienced an increase in wealth totaling USD762 billion. That amount is considered sufficient to end extreme poverty up to seven times.

The booming global stock market is seen as the main driver of wealth gains among billionaires' financial assets last year. Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos experienced an increase in wealth of $ 6 billion in the first 10 days of 2017. As a result, Bezos was crowned as the richest man in the world today.

Oxfam chief executive Mark Goldring called the outcome not a success, but something wrong with the global economy. "The extreme wealth concentration in a few people is not a sign of an advanced economy but something is wrong with the global economic system," he said.

The current global economic system is considered a failure because it makes millions of hard-working people live in poverty. "While the workers are making clothes and making food for us," he continued.

For the past five years, Oxfam has been diligently researching and publishing reports on this subject. In 2017, Oxfam said that 61 billionaires from around the world have money equivalent to 3.6 billion poor people in the world.

So how can Oxfam make such a report? They declare a report made based on "Reward Work, Not Health" referring to Forbes data and Credit Suisse Global Wealth's yearbook, which has detailed the distribution of global wealth since 2000.

The survey assesses the wealth of a person based on the value of individual assets, especially property and land, then less debt they may hold. The data does not include wages and revenues to determine what he considers his own. This methodology has attracted criticism in the past, where with high debt levels and high future earning potential will be classified as poor and rich.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

What To Eat & Not Eat When You Have Heartburn

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Selection of food for ulcer pain aims to ease the workload of the gastrointestinal tract and help neutralize excess stomach acid. What should and should not be eaten when the ulcer relaps?

Consumption of soft foods

While continuing to meet fluid intake, we should only consume food with soft and soft texture. This is to facilitate the stomach digest food, so not too aggravate the work of the digestive system.

Good soft foods to eat include porridge, team rice, soft cooked vegetables, boiled or mashed potatoes, boiled eggs or scrambled eggs, and fish.

Avoid fatty foods

As an ulcer patient, we need to avoid the consumption of fatty foods to ease the workload of the stomach.

High-fat foods, such as butter, milk, chips, burgers, or fried foods are foods that are hard to digest and stimulate the gastrointestinal muscles to tighten because they work too hard.

As a result, the process of emptying the stomach becomes slower and causes stomach acid to rise into the throat (heartburn). Fatty foods can also trigger or worsen the symptoms of constipation.

In addition, a high-fat diet can also make the color of feces pale, which signifies excess fat in the dirt. Replace by eating lean meat and fish, drinking skim milk, and baked goods instead of choosing fried foods.

Avoid caffeinated beverages and soda

When the ulcer recurs, we must avoid drinks containing caffeine, such as coffee and tea, also soft drinks. The reason, this drink tends to cause gas that can cause stomach cramps and diarrhea.

In addition, caffeinated beverages may worsen the severity of gastric acid reflux symptoms (GERD)

So, choose soft drinks that do not contain caffeine, such as herbal tea, milk, or water. Or if you're a fan of tea or coffee and hard to hold it, limit your intake to about one or two drinks a day.

Avoid drinking milk
Calcium is one of the essential substances needed in the body, commonly obtained from milk or cheese. However, for people with lactose intolerance, consumption of dairy-based products can cause diarrhea, flatulence and cramps.

Milk is a group of foods that are difficult to digest because of the lactose content. If lactose is not digested properly, it can cause flatulence.

Avoid spicy foods

If the ulcer pain is recurring, avoid eating spicy foods. Especially if accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Reporting from the Health page, Tim McCashland, MD, a digestive specialist from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha said, spicy foods can irritate the esophagus and colon, to exacerbate the symptoms of chronic gastritis.

Avoid also the consumption of spices, including garlic or onion that can also make the stomach more sensitive.

Consumption of yogurt

The good bacteria of probiotics present in the gut have proven to have a myriad of benefits for digestive health, one of which is to help relieve irritable bowel and diarrhea.

Therefore, we can take probiotics from supplements or by eating yoghurt. For maximum results, daily consumption of yoghurt when the ulcer disease recurs to four weeks later.

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